I am from India and was an officer in government and have retired from office. I advise on managing small & micro retail businesses in the city of Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. I like to offer a helping hand to my friends, who go through troublesome times, to the extent possible by me.  Looking back at the path I have travelled for 51 years on this planet earth, I realize that I can offer simple solutions for complicated problems, one faces in their life journey. I am experienced in the fields of law enforcement, vigilance, vasthu – the ancient Indian architecture for living the life of fulfillment and financial independence. Do mail me to swakaarya16@gmail.com for any independent second opinion, if you face any issues in your life.  I assure that the correspondence will be strictly confidential. If I am unable to be of some help in any issue due to my prior engagement or any other factor, I assure that I will keep you informed accordingly. I hope that this blog turns out to be of some use to our mankind.

What I intend do –

  • I intend to post job vacancies received through various sources mostly in India
  • Share and discuss ways to financial freedom
  • I intend to share the limited knowledge available from ancient Indian sources for living a life of fulfillment through the concept of vasthushastra

In work – I am “damn serious” pl.