When you meet me for consultation, you are paying for more than an opinion. You are buying “the extract” of hundreds of hours of learning, hard work, experimentation, risks taken; you are buying years of patience, uncertainty, miraculous moments, moments of pure joy & the moments of satisfaction. You are not just paying for one thing. You are buying a piece of heart, a piece of soul – a piece of someone else’s life. You also help some unknown life to blossom.

When should one consult me, for vastu assessment?

When you are about to purchase a plot or construction of a new building or modification of an existing building or before you plan to move to a new residence/business premises (whether owned/rental) or when you realize that things are not working inspite of remedies or pariharams done as per the advice of astrologers or visiting numerous temples, etc. or if you don’t want to waste your time and money in going behind remedies or pariharams. You can also consult me if you think “Prevention is better than cure”.

Strengths: Truth & Integrity is my breath; once a client, you will be empowered with basic vasthu knowledge; ease of access and any time query & feedback; Price is what you pay & Value is what you get…

For Vastu consultation/appointment, you can contact me via SMS/Whatsapp to –

+91 9841139260

Email : swakaarya16@gmail.com