The issue with simplicity is that “everybody knows”, but no one will take it seriously. The way to fulfillment is not only knowing, but doing it. Well…here are the steps which everyone knows…but many will not bother to do. The secret is to “consciously start doing”. Atleast by reading what we know, we can reassure ourselves and continue enthusiastically with our journey to fulfillment.

  1. Go and earn: Just sitting and procrastinating will not make you rich. Even though the best way to become rich is by “Swakaarya” – doing one’s own business, please don’t think that working for salary or wages is not doing business. Make the “Working for salary” as a path towards achieving the goal for doing one’s own business. Identify your passion and then go and work in that field where someone has already established their business, only to gain experience and to know the nitty gritty of the things involved in that business, if you want to take a safe route. You could also make a source of income from that job. However, if you feel that the training is not required, well you can directly take the plunge, if you have the source. Be HONEST with yourself. The earlier mistakes are done and learnt, the better.
  2. Live within your means: Live for yourself and your family. Don’t live for showing off to your friends or society. Never think of borrowing. Make it a habit, to SAVE and INVEST a part of your earnings.
  3. Health is Wealth: Take care of your health. The LESSER you spend on your medical bills, the GREATER the amount you will be left with, to INVEST.
  4. Cover your risk and your family’s: If you LOVE your family and if your family is financially dependent on you, is it not your duty to take care of them, in an unfortunate event of you not being available to them. Take TERM insurance for an amount which will be sufficient enough for them to pay till they can stand on their own.

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