How do molecules attract each other…well, a couple living in a vasthu compliant house will have a blissful married life. The negatives for a relationship like frustration, distrust, insecurity, frequent quarrels, etc will be absent for the inhabitants of a vasthu compliant house. A person can be said to have had a fulfilled life only when one has a relationship which does not allow the abovesaid negatives into their lives. A vasthu compliant house will help the couple to stay so, due to clarity in their mind and other factors which I had mentioned in the previous posts. The link to the posts is given below for your ready reference:

The bad events in one’s life like undergoing divorce proceedings, abuse, etc and the resultant stress, wastage of precious time in litigations, loss of wealth, etc can be avoided, if the vasthu element is taken care of in the place of residence. It is also important to remember that “East” is life and “North” is wealth. Hence, it is important to have an opening i.e. door/window in the east side placed towards the north and north side placed towards the east(positive zone/uchastanam). Further, one should be able to see the sky through the window/door. If you feel that you are undergoing any of the above difficult situations, just keep the windows on the east side open for a few days and see the difference.

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