You have come across this post, only because you are in search of and have sought answers for it and I am sure your time in going through this post “consciously” will not go waste. Across the Indian subcontinent, many of us would have come across a familiar statement “It’s fate…what to do”. Well…in this post, let us discuss about “FATE”. It is more widely used for negative incidents. Most of us would believe that FATE is something which none of us are in control and that it happens DUE to KARMA. Well, KARMA can be defined as total collection of memories of PAST/PREVIOUS conduct of an individual/soul-whether it is good or bad.

Is it true that we are helpless in countering the FATE. Well…my answer is a big NO. Let’s see how.

  1. It’s a fact that our mind(conscious or subconscious) is well aware of all the things we do. Deep inside our mind, we know that what we do(karma) is right or wrong/ethical or otherwise, etc. even though we tend to ignore these feelings.
  2. For what we feel that we are wrong, deep inside we feel that we will be held accountable for our actions and that we have to undergo the punishment for the misdeeds. Similarly, for the actions which we feel that has caused good to others, we feel satisfied or comfortable in seeing the happiness of others(for some, our ego is massaged to a certain extent).
  3. So, when anything bad happens to us, most of us tend to blame fate or destiny, feel helpless not knowing what to do and how to tackle the issue(like the dog twiddling with a bone).
  4. Please remember: What has happened has happened. The past is not in your hands. But the very next second(future) is in your hands. You and only you have got the power to decide what you can do from the next second to change the situation.
  5. What can we do? Relax. Sit down and chart out the next courses of action. Write it down in order for you to see and feel the actions you are supposed to do. Be positive in your thoughts and actions. (An important point to note: Thathvamasi-You are what you think you are. Alternatively, You become what you think.) Hence, be conscious of your thoughts. Be aware that you control the universe of things happening around you and it happens ONLY due to your thinking. If you believe that inspite of these, things are not happening as you desire, it is time to review your thoughts and action.
  6. How to deal with your past karma. Well, start from being true to yourself. Be true to whomsoever comes in contact with you. Relax. Be conscious. Stop participating in the rat race of the world around you-you will forget “being conscious”. Try to be in gratitude to this universe for having given you this wonderful life. Start by helping others-known or unknown. See and satisfy yourself of the smile or happiness or gratitude in their faces. Even if you don’t observe the smile or happiness or gratitude from the concerned persons, don’t stop helping. It is only that they don’t know how to express and are in a pitiable condition. Be cautious that these are being done not for massaging your ego, but to genuinely see a smile in the faces of fellow lives on this planet. Feed the hungry; help the elders and the weak. Please be aware that we humans are one other form of life on this planet. STOP eating animals-by this single action, you ensure that numerous lives are relieved of their pain, which they are forced to undergo. Try to take up a profession or a job in an ethical field. These are a few of the general indicators to balance out the negativity formed by the past actions.
  7. One more important step in life towards the right direction is to reside in a good house which conforms to these six rules:
    1. The landscape should be higher in the South/west region than the North/East region.
    2. Any Road/Street in the form of “T”/”L” which hits the plot should be only against positive corners.
    3. The plot/building should be square or rectangle with right angle-90 degrees.
    4. The building in the plot should have more space in North or East than South or West.
    5. The gate/entrance/windows/openings of the plot/house/rooms should be planned only in the positive zone.
    6. The position of the Staircase/Kitchen/Toilet, etc.
    7. For more details, please see the link given below:
  8. By taking action in line with the above steps, you are well in the path of drawing your own fate/future.
  9. Now, when you take control of the next second(future) consciously, is it not that you have decided your own fate(future). Well. It is.

For specific challenges, queries can be sent to I will try to reply at the earliest.

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