Recently, in India, one must have read about an actor by name Rahul Bose who had tweeted about the cost of bananas he had ordered at his gym at a five-star hotel(If it is for cheap publicity, well, he got it real cheap, as a person who can be publicly known to be a poverty minded person).

Immediately, the Tax authorities, playing to the gallery, swung into action to investigate the matter. Well, they have the compulsion to justify the salaries they receive and their existence in the department, after implementation of the new system of GST.

Common sense tells us that a five star hotel cannot spring up from nowhere and somebody has to plan and invest his time, money and energy and make the project to happen and more importantly to continue. But, when we see quite a number of people endorsing the actor, this tells us the reason as to why majority of our population are not in good financial health.

Well, why should I participate in highlighting this negative news. It is just to alert my friends about a mindset which is known as “poverty mindset”. This is one of a mindset which prevents a person from achieving abundance(financial independence) in his life. How can anybody attract money when he inherently hates it. So, please do not go by the widely accepted public opinion. That thought which does not conflict with the voice of our inner mind is the truthful one and we should go by it.

Be conscious of your thoughts, habits and attitude which play a very important role in your financial freedom.

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