You are what you think you are! You ‘will be’ what you ‘do now’! You ‘do’ what you ‘thought’!

You are born Brahmin, born Kshatriya, born Vaishya, born Shudra!

For long, there has been never ending debates about the caste ridden society in India, the superior, the inferior, etc. It is said that the base for caste/jaati is ‘varna’. But, one would have also wondered that by observing the traits of some people belonging to these so called castes/jaatis, their traits would be totally different from what they actually are. So, is the culture of our ancient bharatha varsha really wrong? Regarding the caste and its relation to birth, in this post, I point out a very simple fact which, till now, I have not found discussed anywhere. This simple fact can become an important turning point in the history of how the castes operate and become a topic of important discussions among the intellectuals henceforth. This fact may also be considered as supplementary to the ‘varnas’ mentioned in the Bhagvad Gita, which many are unable to comprehend correctly. Henceforth, a balanced person can never hesitate to quote from the Bhagvad Gita. The 4 categories of occupation mentioned in the Bhagvad Gita which is given below is the point of debate:

Chapter 4.13 of Srimad Bhagwad Gita:

चातुर्वर्ण्यं मया सृष्टं गुणकर्मविभागश: |
तस्य कर्तारमपि मां विद्ध्यकर्तारमव्ययम् ||

catur-varnyam – the four divisions of human society; maya – by Me; srstam – created; guna – quality; karma – work; vibhagasah – in terms of division; tasya – of that; kartaram – the father; api – although; mam – Me; viddhi – you may know; akartaram – as the non-doer; avyayam – being unchangeable.


The four categories of occupations were created by me according to people’s quality (characteristics) and activities. Although I am the creator of this system, know me to be the non-doer and eternal.

Chapter 18.41 of Srimad Bhagwad Gita:

ब्राह्मणक्षत्रियविशां शूद्राणां च परन्तप |
कर्माणि प्रविभक्तानि स्वभावप्रभवैर्गुणै: ||

Brahmana – the brahmanas; ksatriya – the ksatriyas; visam – the vaisyas; sudranam – the sudras; cha – and; parantapa – O subduer of the enemies; karmani – activities; pravibhaktani – are divided; svabhava – own nature; prabhavaih – born of; gunaih – by the modes of material nature.


The duties of the Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras are distributed according to their qualities, in accordance with their gunas/characteristics.

My take:

I have seen many fights including violence happening based on one’s caste/jaati. I find that even though these divisions had existed for centuries, these have been made murkier and unnecessary hatred spread by the puppets of the outsiders to propagate and convert the Indian natives(Pagans) to their faith. (I am totally uncomfortable in using the words lower caste/higher caste, etc. But, for the sake of conveying the message, I have no other option.) For the natives of the so called lower castes or groups, wherever they are, they are psychologically made to feel inferior by the activities of some members of the so called higher castes as well as vested interests. Viceversa also happens, in the sense that the vested interests in the name of the so called lower caste groups indulge in hate mongering. Basically, what I have observed is, the hatred and the superiority or the inferiority mindset is fuelled by the vested interests and some naïve natives of both the groups fall prey to this propaganda. The vested interests are not to be blamed, as it is their profession and they consider it as a personal duty to do so. But, in the absence of common sense of the native people of both the so called lower or higher castes, they are only to be blamed for falling prey to their common enemy’s game plan of totally eliminating their culture from the face of this earth, just for the sake of money. It is quite tough for a free thinking Indian native to understand things in the correct perspective.

You may also go through my earlier post at the following link:

Of late, I am also seeing some sane men trying hard to convey that no one is born inferior or superior and try to defend the attacks against the caste system of the native Indians by quoting our ancient knowledge/scriptures in support of their cause. It may be ‘confirmation bias’, but it is good for the society as a whole. Most of these attacks stem from ‘outside’ vested interests in the garb of the so called ‘low caste’ natives, as the real natives are indifferent and do not bother much about the politics happening around them. I have a very simple fact, and the statement for all the Indian natives is – Varna is as per astrology and, is as per the native’s time of birth, date & place”. Yes, it is as per the birth of an individual, and not dependant on the parents. Astrology is maths as well as science, where the characteristics of a person is deduced and when applied correctly, foretells the events which one undergoes. You can find out whether you are born as a Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya or a Shudra. I have given a link for finding out your varna for yourself. I have no connection with the said website and I thank them for offering their services free of cost, even without registration. . You can enter your name, date, time & place of birth in the space for kundli/birth chart and then get the print of the life report/vedic report. You can find your ‘varna’ as Brahmin or kshatriya or vaishya or shudra in the ‘Avkahada Chakra’. And yes, that is your varna. That’s how you are born Brahmin or born Kshatriya or born Vaishya or born Shudra and nothing else. I do not want to go into the details of why this important aspect was hidden or overlooked or was not given its due, to avoid spreading further hatred. Not a single ‘varna’ is either inferior or superior to the other and only when all work in cohesion, will the work in this planet goes on. If we observe, we can see that all the countries in this world are full of these 4 varnas irrespective of the religion followed by these countries. All countries have Prime Ministers or Presidents or Kings who are advised by a council or cabinet of ministers. All have armies or police to protect their societies. All countries have business men to trade. All have workers in different fields. Bhagvad Gita is Universal. It is the essence of all the universal laws and secrets.

Now, is Bhagvad Gita to be blamed for the caste system for the so called superior or inferior births. Or is it our ignorance of not knowing things correctly which has led to this incongruity. Fact is that, if we are personally naive, even an ass will make us carry the load. Now, can the intellectuals rewrite all that what has already been written based on this finding or continue to peddle that it is only based on one’s birth to their parents. It is totally evil to twist facts mentioned in the Bhagvad Gita to one’s own benefit. It is equally sinful for the knowledgeable to keep quiet and to sit and watch about the facts being twisted and propagated to cheat the gullible.

Ok. Now, what shall we do with this finding. We are living in a society where we find even the siblings fight among themselves for a property which they have not personally earned or even when they know that only the other one had earned it. In such a degraded society, where most of them are selfish, greedy and lazy/weak, what is the use of this finding?

Is there a need to break the present system of groupism (Castes/Jaatis). Why?

No. Because of our Human mind(Same reason of why communism cannot work). Basically we are greedy, selfish and we want to rule others. We tend to form groups to subjugate others.

Even when tough laws are brought and this system is broken down, it will regroup and continue to be in some form or the other. One of the propaganda against caste system is the restrictions or the freedom in choosing of one’s occupation. We already see people of all castes working in different spheres and either they have been drawn towards that profession by passion or otherwise, and there is no separate personal fiefdom for anybody in today’s world. If one is interested in any occupation, he is free to do it. If one is talented, he can get his dream job.

Each of the caste/jaati have their own culture and practices, and as individuals, they mind their own business and no one is bothered about any other castes. If we follow our passion and if we see the ‘varna’ as known from the science of astrology, we will be surprised to see that mostly we will be pursing our profession only in that indicated field. One important consideration in favour of the native caste system and for not breaking the native caste system is the availability of precious ancient knowledge which may not be available in public domain and will be practiced only in their respective households/community. The natives(pagans) all over the world naturally live on the spiritual path and the Indian native is no exception. The Indian native society has an amazing way of life where life is lived on a spiritual path where karma plays the most important role. The choice one makes rests solely with him and that decides one’s future. The private ancient knowledge is precious and should be used in a proper way benefitting the entire mankind and should not be allowed to be squandered away as was done all over the world, by the materialists. This can happen only if all of us coexist with each other peacefully. This society has been enslaved for many centuries, but, the culture of the society could not be totally corrupted only due to the way of living by the inherent practices which when analysed are totally scientific. These practices cannot be comprehended by a person whose education is shallow.

So, what is the problem? Where does the real problem lie?

The real problem is politics and starts when somebody or group interferes in the personal affairs of the other group. Anybody interfering in the personal affairs of the other group are seeding for the genocide of that group or to make that group extinct through conversion or otherwise. Here, as individuals, we should be aware of what is happening around us. This phenomenon has happened all around the world and will continue to happen. As a native, it is in our interest, to not fall prey to the wicked intentions of the outsiders who through their stooges (who are already a victim, but who doesn’t know it) try to mortgage our freedom to these blood (money/energy) sucking machines.

According to me, the right and the left wings work in tandem with each other making the fool out of the natives. Communism is also a religion along the lines of other religions and none of the individuals who are part of these are really ‘free’. They are all enslaved. The ones who are really free, are the natives who have no obligation to serve anybody. And that is the reason for jealousy among the converted, to enslave the other natives. They are caught in a psychological compulsion and surely know that they are being fleeced and they are always kept in a tense situation through regular hate and fear mongering messages and don’t know how to manage themselves. The best thing for these people to do is to ignore these messages and live peacefully. The natives should be aware of the games these materialistic people play in pitting you against each other.

For the native who is born of the so called ‘lower caste’: Knowledge is power. It is time for you to gain knowledge and not sitting sulking of what has happened to your immediate ancestors. Know that your previous ancestors were not in low caste earlier. Even the castes of the kings have been made to lower caste over a period of time. Gain strength, both economically and spiritually, so much, so that no one dares to treat you as such. And finally, do not forget to teach your children on how to always be strong. Do not assume that people of the ‘high caste’ are knowledgeable and literate. The education that is being imparted has made all of you ignorant. But, each of you are superior in the ancient knowledge, which is being practiced in your households. The vested interests use you to target the ‘high caste’. Remember that no one can be interested in your welfare, except you. Most of the leaders of ‘high caste’ or ‘low caste’ groups, except a very few, exist only to enjoy power and milk money from their constituencies and pocket it themselves. It is a business for most of them and eventually they become a part of the vested interests while negotiating for power showing the numerical strength of their constituents.

For a native who is born of the so called ‘high caste’: I have only thing to tell. If you become weak, you are also going to undergo what the lower castes have undergone in the past. So, Be strong. Do not assume that natives of ‘low caste’ are ignorant. Today’s ‘low caste’ were yesterday’s ‘high caste’. One more important fact is you are the prime target for the vested interests and not the natives of ‘low caste’. So, be aware!

Anybody should concentrate on growing stronger, not to subjugate anyone, but to protect yourselves. Treat all equally, but don’t be naive. If you fail, you and your descendants are enslaved.

Chapter 6.9 of Srimad Bhagwad Gita:

सुहृन्मित्रार्युदासीनमध्यस्थद्वेष्यबन्धुषु |
साधुष्वपि च पापेषु समबुद्धिर्विशिष्यते ||

suhrt – a well-wisher; mitra – friend; ari – enemy; udasina – neutral persons; madhyastha – mediators; dvesya – envious; bandhusu – relatives; sadhusu – pious; api – as well as; cha – and; papesu – the sinners; sama-buddhih – impartial intellect; visisyate – is distinguished.


The superiors/yogis look upon all – well-wishers, friends, foes, the pious, and the sinners – with an impartial intellect. The yogi who is of equal intellect toward friend, companion & foe, neutral among enemies and relatives, and impartial between the righteous and sinful, is considered to be distinguished among humans.

Finally, I have only one main point to make. If you are a saint, you need not be bothered by anything. But, if you live and coexist in a society, whatever varna or jaati or caste or group or religion one belongs to, if one is not strong economically or not in a position of power or atleast does not have good behavior, attitude, habits, etc how do you think you will be looked at? Good character can be achieved instantly without any price. But, being good alone does not help much. There is a popular saying, “just because you are a vegetarian, how can you expect a hungry lion to not eat you”. If you expect the world to be fair with you, just because you are fair, you will be fooling only yourself. However, it is our strength to be fair without expecting the world to be fair. So, strive to be economically strong. One can become economically strong only through hard work. Not only hard but, smart work can make one rich. Being economically strong will directly lead you to become psychologically stronger. Knowledge is power. So, one should have the spirit of searching or the thirst to know about certain things, the laws of universe, how they work etc. You will not be weighed by any nonsensical factor like the caste or jaati only if you are STRONG.


சர்வம் கிருஷ்ணார்ப்பணம்! സർവം കൃഷ്ണാർപ്പണം!

सर्वम कृष्णार्पण! Sarvam Krishnaarpanam!

P.S.: Your job or occupation is your personal choice. If you want to have a glimpse of your future, follow your intuition or if you don’t know how to follow intuition, get it through astrology. But remember, astrology is not a solution. It can only show your future through a misty glass. Your choice happens according to your intentions. It is YOU who chooses. Vastu is a solution; it is simple, but difficult to implement. Only good attitudes can help you to achieve it.

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