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This post is a part from Chapter – 15 of Aranya Kanda(Life in Forest) of Sree Ramayanam.

Lakshmana built a spacious straw-cottage with a raised and levelled surface for residence of Sree Rama, which resulted as a feast to the eye. At the time of Graha Pravesha, Lakshmana bathed in River Godavari and after gathering lotuses and fruits, returned to the cottage. After the offerings and invocations, he showed the constructed cottage to Sree Rama. Sree Rama was very much pleased on seeing the beautifully constructed cottage.

सुसंहृष्टः परिष्वज्य बाहुभ्याम् लक्ष्मणम् तदा | 
अति स्निग्धम् च गाढम् च वचनम् च इदम् अब्रवीत् || (15-27)
प्रीतो अस्मि ते महत् कर्म त्वया कृतम् इदम् प्रभो | 
प्रदेयो यन् निमित्तम् ते परिष्वङ्गो मया कृतः || (15-28)
भावज्ञेन कृतज्ञेन धर्मज्ञेन च लक्ष्मण | 
त्वया पुत्रेण धर्मात्मा न संवृत्तः पिता मम || (15-29)

Sree Rama embraced Lakshmana tightly with both his hands, and spoke lovingly “Oh, masterful one, I am so happy that you have done a great deed and hence, I “HUG” you. You sense other’s feelings, know many skills, and know what is righteous, oh, Lakshmana, having you as son, my virtue-souled father is not gone and forgotten. Thus saying, Sree Rama resided there comfortably.

Need I tell anything further about why all of us should contribute for the construction of HIS temple. Is it that, just like Lakshmana was given the opportunity to construct a cottage for HIM, is HE giving us the same opportunity NOW? Just feel HIS embrace!

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