SWAKAARYA” in sanskrit means doing one’s own duty or business or function or work.

Life is a puzzle for many. Some of us, at one point of time or the other, must have wondered the reason/purpose of our existence. Many don’t have the time to think, as they are struggling daily to make their ends meet.

Most of the time, we tend to blame others-including friends, relatives, political parties, governments, colleagues, bosses, etc for the difficulties we face. Let’s not try to blame anyone. Let’s take control of our life. It is OUR life-the one beautiful life. If we don’t care for OUR life, then who else. Please take control of your life, else somebody may. Don’t procrastinate.

Let there be politics. Let there be religions. Let there be fights. Let the governments do whatever they want. Let the policy makers frame policies they like. Let us not take sides. Let us not become a puppet in someone’s hands. Let us be impartial. Being unbiased is very important. By being unbiased, we shed our ego. By shedding our ego, we start seeing things in the right perspective. When we start seeing things from the right perspective, we start to grow-we create positive environment to ourselves and to those who come in contact with us. We start taking correct decisions.

Let us make our own life. Let us not be carried away by what is happening around us. Let us remain as who we are. Let us remain as a drop in the ocean of the invisible lot, who is not cared for. Let us pursue our happiness in whatever we do. Let us be guided by the power within us. Let the knowledge we acquire allows the use of common sense in us. Let us be economically strong. Having said all that, let us also be alert to the happenings around us-to safeguard ourselves, our friends, our families, our children. Let us not be taken by surprise due to the sudden arising of difficult situation. Let’s prepare ourselves for the worst-not with an element of fear, but with confidence to overcome any difficult situation through knowledge and wisdom. Let us not be a cause of pain to others. Let us treat all lives equally. Let us also remember that we are just another life form on this planet. Let us live a life fulfilling all our genuine desires and also to overcome them, so that there are no more desires left to fulfill. Let’s celebrate life. Let’s be independent.

Peaceful existence in this world is of prime importance to us. Next is health-both physical as well as mental, followed by good relationships, financial freedom. By and large, we find that absence of specific knowledge can be the root cause of problems afflicting us. I feel I live a fulfilled life and I intend to show the path taken by me and to share this knowledge in the hope that the benefits can reach to the silent majority who would like to live in peace and with a sense of fulfillment. I am in a deep sense of gratitude to those innumerable souls who helped me reach this stage in my life.

What I intend do –

  • I intend to post job vacancies received through various sources mostly in India
  • Share and discuss ways to financial freedom
  • I intend to share the limited knowledge available from various ancient Indian sources for living a life of fulfillment through the concept of vasthushastra, as I firmly believe that our ancestors were far more superior intellectually and had lead healthy and fulfilling lifestyles than what we have today.

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