If you take the example of an human body, we know it consists of various systems like skeletal, muscular, nervous systems, etc through the education we received from the science class at school, but as we grow we also realize that the body systems not only consists of these physical visible systems, but also invisible systems like mind, aura, etc. The whole body is more than just the sum of the known systems. By known systems, I mean what the modern day science has educated us. We can also observe that modern day science is discovering only what is already mentioned in the ancient scriptures. By stating thus, I have no intention to demean the modern day science. I understand how difficult it is to document an original thesis. We are more than just our physical body. Do you know the costs of over specialization…well….read on…


Somewhere down the line, we have been guided to become specialists and we started digging and concentrating in our own wells which we continue to dig deeper. Occasionally, one has to come out of the well to see the world above, atleast to refresh ourselves. The possibility of our coming out of the well which we have dug for ourselves will be remote unless we realize and put in sustained efforts to come out of it. That’s how we tend to overlook or forget to face any issue as a whole. We tend to treat only the symptoms and not the cause, thus, perpetuating itself. A situation can be remedied only if the cause is addressed. Only if one can fly above the wells which have been dug deep, can solutions be found. Most of us also tend to think that only what we know is right depending on one’s own interpretation like the blind men trying to figure out the elephant. For taking a well reasoned decision, we ought to realize that there are limits to our own ability to see and interpret things.

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