Why it is not worth worrying about the political situation in a country. Please remember that most of the governments are run by bureaucrats – whether in a democracy or monarchy or by any other name given to it. In most of the countries, bureaucrats are the permanent employees of the concerned government. The policies are formulated and implemented by them i.e. they are the people who run the country. It takes a great deal of conscious focus for a newly elected leader of a democracy to try to implement a new vision in a democratic country. To bring in visible change in the functioning of the government, it is very important for the bureaucracy to adapt to the changes to be brought about in fulfilling the visions of the elected leaders. To try and change a well entrenched lethargic or corrupt system is an herculean task, except of course only when there is possibility of any benefit flowing to them i.e. either money or power. Of course there are also good numbers of ideal individuals who work for governments without any personal agenda, but the percentage of such individuals is less in a given system. This percentage can also be seen as the reflection of the society. With respect to political parties, most of them are existing for protecting some businesses, from whom they get their donations. Almost all the states are police states – only for the rich and powerful. So, what should the individual – the innocent individual who thinks that a specific political party will bring a positive change and casts his vote, do. First, one should be aware that whatever he thinks that the welfare or law and order schemes of the government which is being implemented is only a byproduct to him and that the main beneficiary being the rich or the powerful. It has to be kept in mind that any benefit/welfare from a government may not likely to be a permanent feature. Hence, do not expect anything from the rulers. Rather be prepared to handle things concerning you or your family, all by yourself. The time an individual consciously thinks to live independently without expecting help from any where is the first big step towards financial freedom. So, be mindful that in order to be financially independent or in order to enjoy your “freedom”, ensure yourself to get rich. By inculcating the attitude of being self reliant, you have chosen the path to “freedom”. “Swakaarya” will throw light on the path to reach “freedom”. By getting rich, I mean only through conscious legal means and anything other than that, then “Swakaarya” is not for you. For getting rich in an ethical way, the only course is to work hard – work hard, earn money, spend smartly, invest smartly so that money also can work alongwith you.

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