People who know Indian astrology would have heard “Sarva-Ashtakavarga” i.e. each house or the area of one’s life is allotted certain marks (or grades as we can call it), but the total marks of “337” remains the same. There are 12 houses in an astrological chart and each house represents or depicts one’s area in life like health, income, father, mother, brothers/sisters, family, marriage, profession, gain, loss, wealth, unearned wealth, education, longevity, etc. So, if some houses scores less marks, obviously the other houses score more marks, because the total marks will remain the same i.e. ”337”. One can know their life’s balances or rather imbalances when one is going through this “Sarva-Ashtakavarga” chart and get it related with one’s life situation. For example, if the score for the 2nd house i.e. income is 27, score for 10th house i.e. profession is 28, score for 11th house i.e. gain is 32 and score for 12th house i.e. loss is 26, he can safely conclude that whatever he does, he will never suffer loss. However, if the numbers are not favourable, what one can do is to smartly work on it.  We cannot change the marks, as the time and place of our birth is fixed. For example, if the score for the 11th house i.e. gain is 26 and the score for 12th house i.e. loss is 32, he should not consider venturing into business as the score for the “loss” is more than the “gain”. I have given below the depiction of the 12 houses and also an example of an horoscope. It is easy to calculate. I would like to mention that I have very less knowledge of astrology. This was taught by one of my friend. It is only a small part of the ocean of astrology, but it is an important part. Please try it to know the beauty of astrology. You will find the truth when you compare the marks with your situation in life. I have also given a link for an online “Ashtakavarga” calculator. This was found to be free without the need for any registration, etc. Only thing one has to do is fill up the date, time and place of birth. I would like to mention that I have no relation with the said website and have not gone through other information provided in their website. However, I would like to thank them for the free online source.


The reason for bringing the vasthu aspect in the subject of financial independence or freedom is because, it has a tremendous impact on one’s life. One should know that as per Indian astrology, there is a placement of planets at the time of a person’s birth. This may SHOW good, bad or average times in one’s life. This should be considered alongwith the present position of the planets. This also may be good, bad or average times. So, astrologically a person will undergo best times if both are good, average times if either one is good or bad, and worst times if both are bad. Astrology can give you an idea about or describe about the good or bad times one undergoes. Since, astrology is only an indicator, nothing can be done about it.  However, living in a vasthu compliant house is in our hands. Now, by bringing in the vasthu element, i.e. the 3rd dimension into this aspect, if the vasthu is good in the place of residence, 1/3rd of the problems as a whole is avoided. However, if the vasthu is bad and the times are also bad astrologically, an individual may suffer really bad times including life threatening diseases. For example, there are a number of people living in flats or apartments which might have vasthu defects. A person, living in an apartment, whose astrological time/ period is the best will soar to great heights in his endeavours, whether it is business, profession, sports, etc. But the one whose time period is bad astrologically, will end up suffering his worst days i.e. the imbalance among the inmates will be the greatest which is also compounded by the bad effects of vasthu. It has to be understood that the successful person is not standing on his own but stands “successful”only on the head or shoulder of the person having bad times, as they are all inhabiting in the same apartment. This situation may undergo change at any time as the planets keep moving and the successful person may undergo sufferings like the other suffering person, depending on his astrological chart. This is the main reason why we see some highly successful individuals suddenly undergo their worst times or suffering from dreaded diseases, etc. When the bad times hit, and that too while living in an house with vasthu defects, the hit is really hard. However, in an house with good vasthu, no individual will be affected severely, because the one third portion of the good effects of vasthu will take care of the person even if one has bad times astrologically, and all the inhabitants can live peacefully without having to worry about the other members of their family. Diseases will waste one’s time, energy and money. It is directly an obstacle for “FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE OR FREEDOM”. Hence, to avoid seeing or experiencing bad incidents happening to our family members, and to seek good health, wealth and fulfillment of desires for all our near and dear ones, living in a house with good vasthu is advised.


The first house is calculated on the basis of lagna.

The first House: (Health/Self), The ascendant, Lagna

This house represents the physical stature, complexion, form and shape of an individual. The health, vigour, vitality and natural tendencies are controlled by this house. This also represents personality, zest for life, honour, dignity, physical and mental happiness, etc.

The second House: (Wealth)

This house represents fortune, profits and gains, power and resources, security, material achievements, jewellery, shares, security, speech, eyes, vision, stocks and bonds, precious stones, memory, education, tongue, nose, teeth, chin, family, etc.

The third House: (Courage and siblings)

Courage,ability to achieve things, complete tasks, intellect, relationships with brothers & sisters, assistance or otherwise from them, relations with neighbours, travel, correspondence, change of residence, contracts, agreements, rumours, hands, throat, shoulder blade, collar bones, arms, nervous system, etc.

The fourth House: (Mother)

Mother, native place, residence, domestic environment, private affairs, luxury vehicles, happiness, farms, mines, buildings, ancestral property, hidden treasure, academics, wells, water, milk, etc.

The fifth house: (Children(sons)/progeny)

Progeny, whether one will have children or not, of what sex, education, recreation, artistic talents, entertainment, sports, excelling in competitive activities likes crosswords, cards, gambling, love affairs, ambassadors, good or bad morals, mantra, tantra, spiritual practices etc.

The sixth house: (Enemy, DEBTS)

Ulcers, nursing, food, subordinates or servants, debts, cattle, tenants, jealousy, enemies, maternal uncles, mental anguish, doubts of death, etc

The Seventh House: (Marriage and partnerships)

Spouse & relationship, partners in business, conjugal life, litigation, influence in foreign countries, success and reputation in foreign travels, dangers in life, gains or losses after marriage, type of spouse and his/ her physical and mental disposition, earthly ties, etc.

The eighth House: (Longevity)

Longevity and span of life, unearned wealth/inheritance, legacy, wills, insurance, pension, gratuity, accidents, fire or suicide, misery, misfortune, sorrow, strife, worries, disgrace, delay, dejection, disappointment, loss, obstruction, theft and robbery, battle, etc.

The ninth House: (Father and Fortune)

Father, Guru/teacher, faith, wisdom, divine worship, pilgrimages, philosophy, fortune, religious disposition, meditation, intuition, sacrifices and charity, Preceptor, learning and teaching, dreams and visions, long journeys, air and sea travel, higher education foreign travels, knees, etc.

The tenth House: (Profession)

Profession, honour, dignity, public esteem, power and prestige, credit and recognition received for a task completed, success and status, rank and renown, respect and fame, ambition, authority, permanency in job, promotion, Government, political power, high posts such as President, honour from Government, foreign countries, etc.

The eleventh house: (Gains)

Gains, wealth, friends, society, favorites, ambitions, fulfillment of desires, success, prosperity, elder brothers, recovery from illness, dawn of fortune, ankles, etc.

The twelfth house: (Loss)

Losses and impediments, death, restraint and limitation, waste and extravagance, expenses-both good & bad, deception, investments and donations, charity, misery, sorrow, sin, secret enemies, involvement in scandals, disgrace and insults, success through occult, feet, left eye, left ear, bed pleasures, life and activities in foreign places, etc.

The link of the website for the online calculator of ashtakavarga is given below:

After feeding the date, time and place of birth, click “GO”. The horoscope details are generated. Since, a famous personality can be identified easily and many personal details would be in public domain, I had taken the data from the following website:

In the above chart, it can be observed that the “lagna” is Tula. Therefore, Tula is the first house. Next, “Asthakvarga” is to beclicked and the following is displayed.

Here Tula is the firsthouse and score is “21”. The second house is Vris and the score is “28” and soon. The marks and the corresponding house is given below:



Strongest to the weakest house as per Ashtakavarga theory



Profession, Status, Royalty, foreign countries, etc



Courage, assistance, brothers, etc



Father, Guru, Fortune, Religion, etc



Mother, Home, Vehicles, Happiness, etc



Loss, death, etc



Income, family, speech, etc



Gain, fulfillment of desires, 4 wheelers, etc



Marriage, Business, Travel, etc



Longevity, unearned wealth, battle, etc



Children, education, knowledge, etc



Enemies, debts, ulcer, doubts of death, etc



Health, physical and mental happiness, etc

It can be observed that the total mark is “337”. This total will be same for everyone on this planet. The beauty to be learnt is that, where there is a huge positive in one field of life, one is bound to have negative in another area of life. Our endeavour should be to “balance” all the areas of life for a fulfilled life. That “balance” will be provided by a good vasthu residence.

NOTE: For a peaceful and fulfilled life, life should not be made complicated. In my experience, I have come to know that Vasthu alongwith disciplined investing over a long period of time makes one financially independent. It is important to learn only what is necessary and apply it in life. One can go deep into any subject, if time permits or one can pursue as hobby. I want to bring out the ‘secrets’ which are known to me out in the open for everybody to know. I wonder why many experts in these fields never reveal these important facts to the public. Or may be due to the ocean of information, these “important secret” information gets buried and only for those who “consciously” seek can one get such type of information.


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