This post is a continuation of the previous post and is on the specifics of vasthu. The room in the southwest should be used by the elderly couple/responsible person of the house. This will be the master bedroom. The one who occupies this room will control the entire house. Hence, it is not advisable to allot this room to children or immature members of the family.

Southwest zone denotes EARTH element. Earth is calm. Couples using the southwest bedroom will have a stable relationship as the mind becomes well balanced and a sense of permanency/stability will be felt. Only when a mind is stable, one can experience conjugal bliss.

Northwest zone denotes AIR element. Wind cannot be still like our MIND, which is restless. A person using the northwest room may always be on the move. It will be good for young persons who can fly and earn i.e. bachelors can afford to frequently travel for business/job purposes. In India, mostly girls leave their parents house and go to their husband’s house after marriage. A young girl waiting to leave her parent’s house for marriage can use the northwest room. Guests can be accommodated in northwest bedroom.

Southeast zone denotes FIRE element. It is advisable not to use the southeast room as a bedroom. For couples, please remember NEVER to sleep in the Southeast room continuously.

Northeast zone denotes WATER element. This zone should be kept clean and without any clutter. This portion of the house is the source of breathing for the entire house. It is advisable that the windows on the north and east sides of northeast should always be kept open. Heavy weight items like cupboard, etc may not be placed in the northeast zone. A room in the northeast can be used by children for studying. It can also be used by person who is into spirituality. It should not be used for young couples as a bed room.


One should remember not to place their head towards north while sleeping.


If the northwest portion of a house is affected, the MIND of a person will not be stable affecting clarity of thought. Hence, a lot of hurdles have to be crossed before a plan is fructified (Please remember: We (our mind) create our own hurdles). Further, the possibility of accidents or immoral/ unethical/illegal incidents arises. There will also be a possibility of entering a police station/court. No peaceful person would like to enter these two places for any reason whatsoever. It is waste of time, energy and MONEY. The presence of any of the following aspects is considered to be negative and affecting the inhabitants:

  • if there is a cut in the northwest portion of the plot/building,
  • if the portico in the north is extended only in the northeast portion of the building with pillars, then it leaves a cut in the northwest portion,
  • entrance/gate of the building/plot facing the north towards the west side is bad,
  • a road/street facing the entrance/gate at the north towards the west side is bad,
  • internal staircase in the corner of northwest portion of the house,
  • if the space between the building and the compound wall is not equal/parallel at the east and west points of the north side,
  • if there is a pit in the west side of the northwest zone.

This is the first part:

NOTE: please also recollect the earlier articles on “Vasthu” for getting a holistic view.

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